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Embracing a world of plantbased eating is easy once you realise that you aren't missing out on anything taste wise. This book caters to every food need or mood. Start the day with a vegan omelette or bircher muesli. Active types will find snacks for pre- and post- workouts. There are salads and wraps for when you are on the go, fast fixes to get dinner to the table in less than 30 minutes, and we...

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Tasty Vegan
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Tasty Vegan

Too often people assume that following a vegan diet means you have to give up all things delicious. But that's simply not the case. Being vegan is all about discovering the best Mother Nature has to offer. In this book, we have created yummy recipes free from animal products, including dairy-alternative staples, and mouth-watering indulgences. There's plenty here to satisfy those new to veganism ...

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Vegan Kitchen
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Vegan Kitchen

The vegan way of eating is nothing new. What is new, is how much more aware and accessible it is to not only eliminate meat from your diet, but also dairy and eggs. This new cookbook offers the long-time vegan and those just starting out, fresh recipe ideas using new alternative ingredients readily available in most supermarkets. There are also recipes for making your own yoghurt, cheese, mayonna...

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